Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stickynote Theater, Bonk Munny thoughts

Stickynote Theater? Theatre?

Okay so within the depths of the blogging community there's a guy called JT, who has an art thing going on called "Stickynote theater". It's pretty self explanatory... draw on a stickynote pad. I've seen this stuff before -- artists sketching on stickynotes, nothing revolutionary, but I can't remember if anyone actually made it into an official thing... as in promoting the mini canvas as a viable means of art expression. I mean, we've all done the flipbook animation thing (I know I have as an animator), but just doodling on stickynotes and organizing it on a site is pretty neato.

So inbetween making custom Munnies, working, and life in general, I finally got around to doodling it up. It's amazing how busy I am these days that it's difficult to do quick sketches on a tiny piece of paper!

My submission Going with the videogame theme: Mario, Sonic, and Bomberman sketchy style. I've always been a messy artist. I love the organic feel of a messy sketch. I guess it's something I picked up from doing life drawing when I was 16, showing the artist's thought process with lines. Doing something clean off the bat just isn't my thing.

My Tools I love sharpie markers. LOL

Checkout Stickynote Theater

Bonk Munny thoughts

Regarding my Bonk Custom Munny, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who found my custom entertaining. Seeing the great comments all over the internet rocks, the viral spread of information is amazing. Thanks to all readers/viewers who appreciate the character Bonk, and to Joystiq, Kotaku, and Destructoid.

It's great to see the positive feedback from so many people online! It was a challenge, but really fun to do. I learned a lot working with the vinyl figure, and the scupley. I'm hard at work on another :)

Speaking of Destructoid, they complied a gallery of different videogame themed Munnies! Pretty cool stuff. I was surprised to see mine featured since I never told them about my Munny, but I guess their post was inspired by it, since it came around the same time as the joystiq and kotaku plugs.

Pixar: The craziest place to work.

NakedBob sent me this link, which he found on aintitcool


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